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Listening to the population!

Listening to the population!

  • 20600
  • 31 Jan 2024

The Saudi Center for Opinion Polling (SCOP) was invited by the Council of Health Insurance (CHI) to present at their CX forum and facilitated an interactive session on “Listening to the population, the value of opinion polling”.

The presentation included the approach and outcomes of two studies. One study centered on the over-time development of a range of indicators measuring perceptions around Vision 2030 within the Kingdom, as well highlighted significant differences between population groups on key attributes. The second study presented a logistical regression model developed to improve the vaccination rate during the launch of the first Covid vaccination campaign. It highlighted how the right questions and the resulting data were modelled to among others optimize the communication to population to convert hesitant individuals into getting vaccinated.

During and following the presentation the audience engaged on a range of facets of the studies ranging from content questions, sampling and methodology, to availability of additional data and analysis and the services of the SCOP. The audience consisted of the CHI team and various Health sector stakeholders, among others healthcare providers.